Rep. Davis’ Foster Parent Bill Passes Committee

SPRINGFIELD- On Wednesday, a bill filed by State Representative Jed Davis (R-Newark) moved through committee on a 14-0 vote in favor of the bill. In response, Rep. Davis released the following statement:

“As a foster parent myself, I know just how important HB 2995 is. Within the first few days of a new placement, parents spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars. Clothes, baby supplies, and even car seats add up quickly. However, many foster families will not receive their first full stipend for 60 to 80 days after the placement.”

Rep. Davis continued, “We desperately need more good people to be foster parents. Why not remove this barrier that is hindering many great families from applying to be foster parents?

“This bill ensures that the initial stipend is received quickly, and is then credited to the final month’s stipend. So, it moves up the timetable of payment without costing the state any extra money.

“This is an easy way to fix a real issue. We either value foster parents or we don’t. This will help foster parents, which will end up helping one of our most vulnerable populations, foster children.”