Rep. Davis’ Foster Parent Bill Passes House Vote

SPRINGFIELD- This week, a bill filed by State Representative Jed Davis (R-Newark) passed in the Illinois House of Representatives. House Bill 2995 now moves to the Illinois Senate for consideration. In response, Rep. Davis released the following statement:

“As stated before, I’m a foster parent who understands the struggles facing foster families. One of these struggles is financial, usually due to the purchases foster parents need to make within the first few days of receiving a new placement.”

“Items like baby supplies, clothes, or even things like car seats can rack up a hefty bill for foster families, many of which don’t see their first full stipend from the state for 60 to 80 days after the placement occurs. This bill remedies this issue by ensuring families see their first payment within 21 days of a new placement. It simply moves up the timetable without costing the state any extra money.”

Rep. Davis continued, “If we want our foster care system to work, we need to ensure good families are willing to take on this responsibility. Why not remove a barrier that has prevented families from applying to be foster parents?”

“I also want to sincerely thank DCFS for their assistance on this bill. Without their support, I doubt this bill would have come as far as it has. If we want to work to improve our foster care system, we have to do it together by bringing everyone to the table. I look forward to a strong vote in support of this bill from my colleagues in the Senate.”

HB 2995 passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 108-0.

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