SB 1909 Sets Dangerous Precedent for First Amendment Rights

Senate Bill 1909 is extreme legislation designed to restrict the First Amendment rights of pregnancy information centers. This bill uses words such as “deceptive, fraudulent, and misleading” to describe the advertising around pregnancy information centers because they do not provide “comprehensive reproductive services”.

SB1909, if passed, will:

  • Jeopardize the work of sidewalk counselors with the threat of investigation for “interfering with” a woman seeking an abortion, and
  • Could lead to fines of up to $50,000 towards pregnancy centers for not including abortion as an option for a pregnant woman.

This is a dangerous bill that is encroaching on First Amendment rights. If passed, this will set a very concerning precedent in our state government by allowing them to define what counts as “deceptive” or “misleading” speech. 

This bill is scheduled for second reading and will come to a vote before session adjournment on May 19th. 

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