Rep. Davis Responds to FY24 Budget

SPRINGFIELD- Following the passage of the FY24 Illinois State Budget through the Illinois House, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville), release the following statement:

“Late Thursday night, we finally received the 3,425-page FY24 budget,” said Rep. Davis. “While I am disappointed with the budget, I am not surprised. We once again have an unbalanced budget that appropriates money to Democrat pet projects, instead of making sound investments in the people of Illinois. 

“One of the most significant issues I see is the $550 million in Medicaid coverage for illegal immigrants. Instead of giving our hospitals the full requested rate increase that they have waited on for 29 years, Democrats have assigned this funding to a poorly managed program with runaway costs due to the ever-growing undocumented immigrant population in Illinois.

“Finally, one of the most laughable parts of this budget is yet another legislative pay raise. Legislators have already seen one pay increase this year and will now be seeing a second with a potential recession looming. In most jobs, positive job performance is required to obtain a pay raise. Democratic legislators have made themselves the exception to this norm and are patting themselves on the back after passing minimal substantial legislation to actually help the people of Illinois.

“More than anything, this shows just how flawed the budgeting process is. Instead of bringing multiple voices to the table, to create a sound, balanced budget that works for everyone in Illinois, Democrats created a budget that will inevitably lead to tax increases while simultaneously cutting out communities and groups that desperately need our help.”