Rep. Davis Responds to SAFE-T Act Ruling

YORKVILLE- Following the SAFE-T Act ruling made by the Illinois Supreme Court, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) released the following statement: 

“Yesterday’s Illinois Supreme Court decision sadly comes as no surprise. While I had hoped that common sense and high regard for the rule of law would have prevailed, partisan politics due to gerrymandered maps have led to one of the worst Judicial decisions I have seen in my lifetime. 

“To put the wants of progressive politicians at the center of criminal law is disturbing. With high crime rates and out-of-control violence seeping into Illinois from the city of Chicago, now is not the time to experiment with what could be catastrophic changes to our laws. 

“This type of legislation is a perfect example of what happens when one party has complete control over a state government. When the balance of power is out of whack in a supermajority, this kind of bogus criminal justice reform gets passed into law and the people of Illinois end up losing.”