Rep. Davis Reacts to Mapes Trial Verdict

YORKVILLE- Following the guilty verdict found in the Tim Mapes trial, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) released the following statement:

“Here we are once again, only a few months after the ComEd Four trial, seeing yet another Madigan crony found guilty of corruption. I feel like a broken record, repeating the same things over and over when it comes to ethics reform in Illinois. 

“Ethics reform is simple, and it should be a bipartisan issue. Yet Democrats refuse to call reform bills filed by Republicans for a vote. Every Illinoisan should be asking why that is. 

“The people of our state deserve better. No one can be free under the firm grasp of a corrupt government working to benefit themselves. As we head into our fall veto session, I will continue my work to free the taxpayers from this self-serving form of government and to ensure that justice, truth, and freedom prevail.”

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