Rep. Davis Files Bill to Fight Child Abuse and Trafficking

YORKVILLE – Following the filing of House Bill 4350, and in honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Day, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) released the following statement:

“The Child Abuse Notice Act ensures establishments such as schools, daycare centers, bus stations, airports, and more will display signs detailing the signs of human trafficking and child abuse,” said Rep. Davis. “The posted signs will display information about what constitutes physical and sexual abuse, along with resources and steps for how to report it.

“Many children who are being abused or trafficked may not fully understand what is happening, or they may feel trapped in their situation. These signs will show them people are here to help.

“Protecting children who are being trafficked and abused is something everyone can get behind. There is always more to be done to help these victims, and if a poster saves one child from more trauma, I count it a huge win.

“Thank you to a constituent, Colleen Murphy, for bringing this matter to my office. She’s leading the charge on a national movement called My Body Tells The Truth (MBTTT) and I’m excited to partner with her and her team.”

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