Rep. Davis Files Property Tax Relief Bills

YORKVILLE- Following the filing of House Bill 4242 and House Bill 4244, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) released the following statement:

“It’s no secret high taxes are stifling Illinoisans,” said Rep. Davis. “We must get serious about tax relief, which is why I filed two bills aimed at ensuring some of our most vulnerable populations can afford living in Illinois.”

House Bill 4242 helps people with disabilities and House Bill 4244 assists low-income senior citizens. Both bills provide relief by ensuring more individuals are receiving homestead exemptions, thus lowering the amount they pay in property taxes.

Rep. Davis concluded, “It’s time we get serious about tax relief in Illinois. Everyone keeps talking about it, but no one pursues legislation addressing it. Helping our low-income seniors and people with disabilities afford the rising cost of living should be a bipartisan no-brainer.”

These bills are two of four from a package of bills Representative Davis calls his helping households package.

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