Rep. Davis Caregiver Support Bill Passes Committee

SPRINGFIELD- Yesterday, House Bill 4178, filed by State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville), passed the Health and Human Services Committee with a vote of 9-0. Representative Davis collaborated with healthcare providers, parents, and state agencies when drafting this bill. This bill also has great bipartisan support.

“I was thrilled by the unanimous passage of House Bill 4178 in committee,” said Rep Davis. “This bill allows eligible, legally responsible adults, to become in-home caregivers for their family members. These caregivers often leave their careers to provide this care, resulting in significant financial hardships. This bill offers a simple solution by using dollars already allocated to pay them for their work.”

House Bill 4178 will fund this program with money previously allocated to funding at-home caregiving through a contracted nurse or nurse’s aide. Instead, the money will go directly to the related adult who is already providing care.

Rep. Davis concluded, “I also want to thank the 149 proponents who filed in support of this bill and the individuals who traveled to Springfield to testify. Specifically, I want to thank Dr. Carolyn Foster, Pediatrician for Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, Bill Sczepanski, Vice President of Government Relations for Team Select Home Care, and my constituent who is the parent of a child who requires at-home care, Stephanie Salinas. Without their help, support, and guidance, this win would not have been possible. I look forward to continued bipartisan support on this badly needed piece of legislation.”

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