Rep. Davis Online Age Verification Bill Moves to Committee

YORKVILLE- Following the assignment of House Bill 4247 to the Judiciary – Civil Committee, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) released the following statement:

“House Bill 4247 helps protect children by creating the Online Age Verification for Material Harmful to Minors Act,” said Rep. Davis. “This act will require websites containing inappropriate materials for children under 18 to verify someone’s age before granting access.

“We know accessing pornographic materials at young ages negatively impacts a child’s mental health. So, why aren’t we doing more to protect our children, especially given the unprecedented access to content through cell phones and tablets? If websites distributing harmful content refuse to add safeguard measures for children, then we will.

“I welcome discussions from legislators and stakeholders from both sides of the aisle, fully anticipating their support. In the end, protecting children should easily be a bipartisan issue.”

This bill is from a package of bills filed by Representative Davis called Protecting Kids.

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