Rep. Davis Responds to State of the State Address

SPRINGFIELD- Following today’s State of the State Address, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) released the following statement:

“Today’s State of the State and Budget Address showed us where the priorities of the Democratic party lie: with undocumented immigrants and far-left activists. Instead of prioritizing the taxpayers who already pay some of the nation’s highest taxes, Governor Pritzker is worried about funding an immigration crisis of the Democrat’s own making.

“Let’s also not forget Governor Pritzker is proposing nearly $1.1 billion in new taxes and transfers, all leading to the largest budget in the state’s history. This trend is simply unsustainable and everyday Illinois citizens will continually suffer from the resulting tax burden. When is enough enough? I pray Governor Pritzker and Illinois Democrats start working across the aisle for everyone in our state, not just people agreeing with their rhetoric or living in their districts.”

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