Rep. Davis Discusses Protecting Kids Legislative Package

I had the chance to sit down and discuss my Protecting Kids legislative package on the Have All Voted Who Wish podcast! Listen to the podcast and learn more about the bills included below.

Bills Included in the Protecting Kids Legislative Package

Creating Hurdles for Accessing Adult Content (House Bill 4247)
The Online Age Verification for Material Harmful to Minors Act would create hurdles for minors attempting to access adult content online.

Creating Roadblocks for Predatory Plea Deals (House Bill 4340)
This legislation would prevent individuals accused of child abuse, grooming, or trafficking from accepting plea deals and serving less time than warranted.

Creating The Child Abuse Notice Act (House Bill 4350)
The Child Abuse Notice Act would help abused children know where to go for help by requiring specific locations to post signs detailing what abuse is and where to seek assistance.

Creating Protections for School Transfers (House Bill 5434)
This legislation keeps children on school rosters until verification is received they’re adequately and safely enrolled elsewhere, ensuring no child slips through the cracks.

Creating the Foster Faces Initiative (House Bill 4340)
This initiative would require DCFS to attach photos to the permanent record of children in care, assuring judges making decisions for foster children see the faces of affected children and helping to ensure no child gets lost in the system.