Rep. Davis Responds to FY25 Budget

SPRINGFIELD – Following the passage of the FY25 budget, State Representative Jed Davis (R-Yorkville) released the following statement.

“I was hopeful for changes to the unsustainable budgeting practices of Illinois Democrats, but the FY25 budget is more of the same,” said Rep. Davis. “This year we’re facing the largest budget in state history filled with gimmicks, raises for lawmakers, and tax hikes. Altogether, this budget costs taxpayers a staggering $53.1 billion.

“The supermajority is clearly out of touch with Illinois families. Hardworking men and women across this state struggle daily to make ends meet; the last thing they need is more tax hikes! Also, adding insult to injury, this budget includes $1 billion in funding for non-citizen programs. Illinois families are sadly not prioritized.

“This outcome is the sad reality of an out-of-balance state legislature, operating on the will of one party. We must bring balance back to the Illinois government, which inevitably brings balance back to our state’s budget.”

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